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Your Source for Commercial and Residential Glass Services in the San Antonio Area

Quality Custom Glass in San Antonio

Samuels Glass has been installing, repairing, and replacing glass for almost 100 years. Our company name is synonymous with quality and service. When you need to replace a broken window pane in San Antonio, go straight to the experts.

Come to San Antonio for Glass Windows, Doors, and More

When the neighbor kid hits his baseball through your living room or kitchen window, give Samuels Glass a call. We can replace any kind of glass regardless of the size, thickness, or color. We work with homeowners and businesses alike.

From Custom Shower Enclosures to Commercial Door Repairs

At Samuels Glass, we provide a wide variety of services. We can fabricate custom shower and tub enclosures, mirrored walls, and glass furniture tops. We can replace broken windows and patio doors. We can repair commercial doors. We use Plexiglas® and Lexan® products, make our own insulated glass units, and more.

Glass Resources for Homes and Offices

For new glass service and glass replacement in San Antonio, you can count on Samuels Glass. Our company can assist you with all your residential or commercial glass needs. Visit us at one of our two convenient San Antonio locations: 211 Newell Avenue or 9823 San Pedro.

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